Student Code of Conduct

Academy of Allied Health Student Code of Conduct Standards promotes individual and social responsibility and sets forth the authority of the school to enforce responsive disciplinary actions fairly and thoroughly. The goal of the Code is to maintain the highest standards of campus safety and promote a positive, professional learning environment for all students and faculty. Students are expected to behave professionally, courteously, and in a manner with the Academy of Allied Health Code of Conduct at all times. Students that commit misconduct will be dismissed from the program. Additionally, every student is subject to federal and state laws, as well as county and city ordinances. Offenses for disciplinary action will include:
-An offense related to a person intentionally or knowingly without consent. Threatens, intimidates, or uses physical or sexual force in a manner that causes another person to be fearful of physical or emotional harm. Intentionally harasses another person or engages in any activity related to other persons that are prohibited by law or court order.

  • An offense related to intentional damage or destruction of property.
  • A computer related offense.
  • An offense related to operation of Academy of Allied Health.
  • An offense related to the welfare, safety, or health of persons.

Academy of Allied Health will not tolerate the sell or use of alcohol, narcotics, hallucinogens, illegal drugs, or controlled substances on property. E-cigarettes and smoking are strictly prohibited inside the buildings and are only permitted in the designated smoking areas outside of the buildings.

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